Wednesday, April 28, 2010



If you could GET unlimited fresh opportunity seeker leads how much would you expect to pay? I don't know about you, but my guess is around $4,000. Here's how I came up with that figure....

Not long ago, I attended a webinar that unveiled a new piece of software that generated targeted leads at the push of a button and can you guess what the price tag was on this cutting edge software program?...

Well there was actually two payment options: a one-time fee of $3,997 or 3 monthly payments of $1,497 for a lifetime license! And the lifetime license was a special offer for webinar attendees only. The regular customers have to pay a yearly license fee!

As expensive as the software was, webinar attendees didn't give it a second thought as they eagerly whipped out their credit cards to get their hands on a state of the art lead system that delivers unlimited targeted leads.

After all, what's there to think about. If you run a business you need leads that you can convert into customers. If you can pay a flat fee for a system that will provide you with unlimited leads you will never have to buy advertising again to generate leads.

And once you've converted enough of those leads into customers to pay for the lead system, it's endless profit from that point forward.

Well today you can have virtually the same thing. Only you won't pay $3,997 and you won't have to install any pc memory consuming software. As you read every word of this letter, you will discover how you can get access to unlimited free biz opp leads.

Multi-level marketing can be a very rewarding career choice for those who can become efficient in the process of recruiting new distributors, which requires a continuous supply of business opportunity seeker leads to expose your opportunity to.

Before now, you had only two options...
1. Generate your own leads: Producing your own leads is extremely time consuming and involves some technical skills and marketing ability.
2. Purchase leads: Purchasing leads is expensive, because you are paying lead companies retail prices to generate leads on your behalf. When you run out of leads you must pay for more, and if you don't have the funds, the growth of your mlm business comes to a screeching halt until you can buy more leads.
All multi-level compensation plans rely on massive duplication. Neither generating or purchasing lead packages are duplicatable. You must have a free, easy, and convenient method of supplying yourself AND your downline with new leads.

I have been marketing online since the late 90's. When I joined my first mlm program in 2005, I had no problem generating my own leads, because I already had a background in online marketing, which is all about lead generation.

However, I was not experiencing the exponential growth I was expecting due to the fact that my lead generation methods were not easily duplicatable. This sucked because the main reason I got involved in mlm was to enjoy the time freedom and financial benefits of a multi-level compensation plan.

Without another solution, I continued to generate my own leads, and did my best to teach my methods to my downline. I came up with some pretty decent sponsoring systems, but still was not able to get the duplication levels where I wanted it.

It wasn't until I discovered a way to get unlimited free leads for my distributors that I began to see significant levels of exponential growth take place in my network marketing downline organization.

This is NOT one of those programs that claim to offer you free leads but have some type of hidden catch such as:
• The leads are actually just other members joining the same program. You find out too late YOU are the lead and start getting tons of email from people trying to recruit you into their opportunity.
• You have to actually generate the lead yourself. This is free if you believe your time is worth nothing.
• The leads are free if you are willing to look at other opportunities. This usually requires you to look at 2 to 5 other business opportunity websites in order to get someone to look at yours.
Our system and teachers will Train you every step of the way. All you have to do is learn it.

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